Boating Downunder The TV Show For All Boat Lovers

Boating Downunder is a television show for all those people who own a boat, dream of owning a boat or just like all things nautical. The Boating Downunder team is interested in all types of boats, whether they be engine powered, sail powered or human powered. Our show is backed by a team of subject matter experts in the fields of seamanship, maritime history, safety at sea and boatbuilding.
We will bring our audience stories about boats from ͚real people͛ with ͚real life͛ stories about their experiences in the marine environment whether they occurred four hundred years ago or only yesterday. Our audience will hear about the things that have gone wrong and the things that have gone right and they will be entertained, informed and educated by these stories.
There are over five million boat users in Australia and the stories about their boating experiences are almost unlimited. We will also show our audience all the beautiful and spectacular places in Australia and New Zealand that they can take their boat to and enjoy.

Find Answers To Your Boating Questions

The Boating Downunder team are creating a one stop shop for boaties with our media assets which will include a television show, marine documentaries, website and social media. We aim to increase peoples’ participation in boating by showing people how to get more enjoyment out of their boat and how to operate it more safely.

Comprehensive Database Of Boat Ramps Around Australia and NZ

We are developing a database of boat launching ramps around Australia which is user generated and will contain not only the necessary information relevant to that ramp but also the important local knowledge provided by people who regularly use and know that ramp.   In addition to this, we provide information and links to the nearest fuel, shops, hotels and bait and tackle to help make your trip as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Detailed Itineraries for the Most Spectacular Boating Locations Around Australia and NZ

Have you ever taken your boat to a particular location you have always wanted to go to and then realized when you got there that you have no idea about where to go in the limited time you have available?   We are developing a database of short itineraries for the best boating destinations in Australia and NZ.   We are also including information about the closest shopping, fuel, hotel, restaurants and bait and tackle facilities to help you make the absolute most out of your time at that location.

Access To Marine Forecasts

Our website gives boaties easy access to important marine weather information via the Bureau of Meteorology, Willy weather and Windy TV. For those that want more, we will feature a regular segment on the show about understanding the weather.

Our Production Team

Boating Downunder Productions are working at the cutting edge of film making and  aim to be the ‘go to’ guys for any media vision in the marine environment.   Boating Downunder Productions can produce documentaries, promotional video and videography for commercial television advertisements.    We are a team of highly committed people who share a passion for boats and the boating lifestyle.   Our crew of subject matter experts includes a highly regarded marine safety expert, wooden and fibreglass boatbuilders, a maritime historian, marine engineers, a maritime artist and of course our specialist camera/audio/post production team and host.

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