Every boat has a story!!

We’ll just start off by saying, ‘Every boat has a story’! If you are a boatie there’s no doubt you have at some time entertained your friends and family with wild, dramatic or hilarious stories about something you have done in a boat!


We want to hear about it.   Our show is obviously all about boats and the boating lifestyle and we intend to keep it interesting by telling great boating stories. A hugely important part of our show is that it is about real, everyday people doing real, everyday and sometimes extraordinary things.


Sure, we will all learn something from these stories and maybe even become better skippers –  but it is much better learning from someone else’s experiences than your own, especially if it means avoiding damage to your boat, self or someone else.

Don’t worry, we are definitely not about embarassing anyone so if you’ve got a great story but don’t want anyone (except your mates?) to know it was you, we will make sure no one knows who you are.

On the other hand, if you are happy to have a bit of TV exposure, we can make you a star for a day at least!

So what are you waiting for?   We would love to hear your story and who knows, you could be doing another boatie a great favour by showing them what NOT to do, or even just giving someone some great ideas about where to go boating.   Give us a call or contact us by email using the following link:

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