Why partner with Boating Downunder Productions?  What’s in it for you?


Boating Downunder Productions have a collection of media assetts that provide entertainment, information and eduction that is aimed directly at people who own boats, dream of owning boats, or just like anything nautical!   THESE PEOPLE ARE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.


If you are searching for a new way to promote your marine product why not consider the Boating Downunder T.V. show?   Despite the growth in online viewing, T.V. is still an effective platform for direct communication with your potential audience.


The fact is however that the vast majority of marine advertising on T.V. occurs only on fishing shows.  If you are selling fishing equipment, this is ideal.  If on the other hand, you are selling boats, boating equipment, engines, boating destinations or the boating lifestyle you are missing a large proportion of your audience.


Fishing shows appeal to those people who fish, not to those who sail, dive, ski, cruise, wakeboard, paddle, etc.  Boating Downunder is a T.V. show that is targeted directly to those people.


Will fisherman also watch it?   If they own a boat or want to own a boat, they certainly will.


Why wouldn’t you make sure your advertising actually reaches all your potential buyers??? If you want to do more than just advertise on T.V., then consider the other media assets of Boating Downunder Productions. The print media, (magazines and newspapers) is a diminishing business model.


A growth area for advertising is on line by way of social media or streamed vision.    Boating Downunder Productions operate a full suite of social media platforms followed primarily by those people who have an interest in the boating lifestyle.


These are the people your brand needs to reach.


The Boating Downunder website is a ‘one stop shop’ for recreational boaters.   As well as featuring past and upcoming stories on the T.V. show, the site provides direct links to three independent weather resources to be checked by people before they go boating.


The site also includes a comprehensive data base on boat ramps around Australia.   Uniquely, this page contains detailed local information from actual users of the ramps about how and when to use that ramp.   This information is complemented with photographs of the ramp and links to the closest fuel, shops, hotels and fishing, bait and tackle shops.


Another important resource of the site is an ever expanding list of great boating destinations complete with suggested itineraries of what to do at that location so people can make the absolute most of their time on the water there.


And finally, the site contains information and independent reviews of boats, engines and boating equipment.   An ideal resource for consumers wanting advice about what to buy and where to buy it.


Contemporary management thinking suggests that companies should allocate 20 per cent of their annual advertising budget to trying something new in order to ensure they get maximum benefit from their advertising dollar and ensure that their brand stays where it needs to be, in front of their competitors.


Can you afford not to be working with Boating Downunder Productions to make sure this happens?


If you want to know more about the show and Boating Downunder’s media assetts, please dont hesitate to call or contact us to discuss the opportunities available. 


Mark Caulfield     0428092472

Shayne Thomson   0438800165


Or via our email link:


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