‘Owning a boat is like standing in a cold shower tearing up dollar bills’

Boat – Stands for ‘Bring Out Another Thousand’

‘The two best times in your life as a boatie are when you buy the boat and when you sell it’

If you own a boat you will definitely have heard or even experienced at least one of these sentiments.   The one thing these 3 statements have in common is, of course, money!   Now there is no doubt that buying and owning a boat can be expensive and It seems that if you buy anything with the word ‘marine’ in front of it, there is a premium attached.

But does it have to be expensive?

There are definitely ways you can save money and the most effective of those is by doing things yourself.   Now it is important to remember that you can’t save money at the cost of safety so there are limits on what you can do!   Our resident boat builder, Julian Cox from JNC boat building in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula is a fibreglass specialist who has worked on all types of boats from high tech ocean racing maxis and self righting pilot boats to the smallest humble dinghy.   Julian knows exactly what can and can’t be done by the average unskilled punter.

Each week we are going to tap into our experts like Julian to help you repair, update or rejuvante your boat.   We are also going to show you what you look for when you are buying a boat.

We’ve got some almost unbelievable stories about what happens when your boat is not up to scratch.   Like when the transom gets ripped of the back of your boat because it was rotten inside, or what happens when your steering linkage fails when you are travelling at 40 knots in your boat.   If you own a boat, you will defintely not want to miss this segment.   Even if you don’t own a boat you will be fascinated by the people who tell their stories of boating mayhem.

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