Red sky at in the morning is a sailor’s sure warning, red sky at night is the sailor’s delight

In this segment we examine weather.   Most of us go boating because we want to enjoy ourselves, (as opposed to having to work).   We look for clear blue skies and flat seas, unless we are a yachtie in which case we look for clear blue skies and a nice 15 knot breeze.

We rely on the Bureau of Meterology or maybe a weather app of some sort but those sources are providing information over a large area.   Wouldn’t you like to understand the weather in your own immediate area?  The weather will often make or break a boating trip.   Do you want to know more about weather?   Do you want to understand what those squiggly lines on the weather map mean?   Do you know how what a rise or fall in the barometer means?   Have you got any idea about what the signs of an approaching squall are and what it could mean for you and your boat?   Can you read the clouds?

We will regularly feature an aspect of weather to help you get the absolute most out of your boating experiences.


Flares – Have you ever used one?   Would you know how to if you had to?   Where do you keep yours?   What are the different types of flares used for?   Pretty important questions and you don’t want to be looking for the answers at the time you have an emergency and are under pressure.

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