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The Boating Downunder website is a ‘one stop shop’ for recreational boaters whether your interest is in engine powered, sail powered or human powered boats.   As well as featuring past and upcoming stories on the T.V. show, the site provides direct links to three independent weather resources to be checked by people before they go boating;   Willy Weather, BOM and Windy TV.

The site also includes a comprehensive data base on boat ramps around Australia.   Uniquely, this page contains detailed local information from actual users of the ramps about the condition of the ramp and how and when to use that ramp.   It is one thing to know where a ramp is and another to know how it is affected by wind, tides, etc.   This information is complemented with information about parking costs, facilities present, photographs of the ramp and links to the closest fuel, shops, hotels and fishing bait and tackle shops.

Another important resource of the site is an ever expanding list of great boating destinations complete with suggested itineraries of what to do at that location.   If you only have a set number of days to spend at a location, you want to make the absolute most of your time on the water there.   We also give advice on where to find food, fuel and provisions for your boating holiday.

And finally, the site contains information and independent reviews of boats, engines and boating equipment.   Importantly the reviews do not come from salesman, but rather actual people who own and use that boat, engine or piece of boating equipent.    An ideal resource for consumers wanting advice about what to buy and where to buy it.

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